Who win South Korean music show and how long it takes?

K-pop music culture is more than just the album and music videos. All the fans have also been immersed themselves in the performative part of the culture, including the live performances in Korean music shows. However, when we are talking about the music programs in South Korea we cannot imagine those similar to MTV where they mostly air the music videos and do the countdown of the popular ones of the week. Modern Korean music shows largely focus on “live” acts instead of music videos with small interviews squeezed between performances. Currently, there are six main music shows in Korea, which are SBS’s Inkigayo, MBC’s Show! Music Core, KBS’s Music Bank, Mnet’s M! Countdown, MBC Music’s Show Champion and SBS MTV’s The Show, with several of the small ones (source). One of the aspects of these music shows that distinct themselves with American or other countries’ music programs is the competition part where Kpop groups or singers will perform their song and compete to be number one in the chart. Although every program has their own calculation system – but mostly relied on daily voting, digital sales, and YouTube views and likes.

Then who win South Korean music show and how long it takes? See the answer in this page https://datawizart.com/who-and-when-kpop-group-win.html

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