Fashion Color Brand

By Dio Ariadi |, August 2022

We looked at seven years of fashion show to find how each brand and each year changed their color theme.

Each year fashion designer for each brand will held their fashion show. They will show new design that can become as a new trend, it is usually followed by new color scheme as well. New design can be tricky to investigate but we can retrieve information for color scheme. We curious how each brand change their color scheme through the years.

To investigate this we looked at the fashion show in the Vogue website

How we gathering the data

Using Vogue website we pick some of the brand such as Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. For each brands we took all picture from 2015 until 2021 and each season. After we collected all possible photos, we use image classification to get specific area for example top, shoes, skirt and etc, on this analysis we decided to use only top section. Further after we split the photos into multiple section we use median cut algorithm to retrieve color for that specific area. For this analysis we will only took 10 colors for each photos.

Note: if you aware in the process to get the color code (hex code) it still contain skins color due to limitation in the image classification. Skins color or background color can also appeared in the hex code due to second step, with hope we still retrieve important information of the cloth.